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What about Google…

I have learnt that google signs the bigger number : one with hundred zeros!
It’s funny because i haven’t think to research Google on Google!!!

Google was created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin and began in January 1996.
Their search engine was originally nicknamed « BackRub » because the system checked backlinks to estimate the importance of a site.

Google is sofware used by many people.
If a person utilize a computer, so she know Google, and take at least one time.
There are many information Internet, thanks to Google, an extraordinary tool, that we can findthem.


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Aibo : a robotic pets

It is amazing to create ‘brain’, more and more real…
Aibo is a robot, which is being able to walk, « see » its environment via camera, and recognize spoken commands.
Is possible thanks to computer science.
Computer science is a large science : there is one part : hardware (all physical in a computer, for instance : processor, network card), the other part : software (brain of computer).
We can construct a software and also robot like Aibo thanks to programming : it is my job.
It a dream to can create a robot, more I like dogs then it is funny that Aibo : a dog has been created by computer scientist.
But, i wonder me the dangers of robot.
One day, maybe, human robots will created like in the movie « IA : Artificial Intelligence ».
It is a good idea or not? What is your opinion?

Being able to walk, « see » its environment via camera, and recognize spoken commands.

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Advanced cryptological

Today cryptology is a science both mathematics and computer science.
But in few times, cryptology will become a physical science.
Today, computer has two states : 1 is electricity, 0 not electricity.
The actual research consists in to make a new computer with more states.
The future cryptographic’s algorithms aren’t mathematic algorithms but
physical algorithms.

In this site, they talk about future of cryptology,
The Swiss want vote of elections more protected than ever, and not
tampering (not false vote ).
They use a secure encryption encoded by a key generated using photons.

More information on this site :

I have read in other text, if we have many states in a computer, an hacker
(a person who made forbidden action about computer science) cannot listen,
find an information without the others know that.

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An extraordinary man : Alan Turing!

Alan Turing was an English mathematician, logician and cryptographer.
Turing is often considered to be the father of modern computer science.
He found a number of techniques for breaking German ciphers which permitted to win the World War II because he decrypted messages from electromechanical machine called Enigma machine.
It was unfortunate, it was obliged to take treatment for his homosexuality, so he is commited by eating an apple poisoned, like in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, because he loved this Walt Diney.
I admire this man for his engineering.
He could bring so much to compuer science, he was still so young only about 30 years.
More information on this site :

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Disadvantages and advantages of cryptology

Cyptology permits access on security sites, like banking site.
It also thanks to cryptology that we can use cb card.
We must also have private conversation by mail, if we use software PGP « Pretty Good privacy ».
More information about PGP on :
PGP is invented by Philip Zimmerman.
More, is used in company to protect secret data in database.

But, senders of arms and drugs can also used intimacy communication.
We don’t supervise terrorists and others on account of cryptology.

How can we evoid terrorists… and in the same time have intamicy live, and security transaction in order to use cb card…

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Isn’t only a telephone. It can resolve Rubik’s Cube

The Rubik’s Cube is a 3-D mechanical puzzle invented in 1974.

On the site Shermix, I found a movie about Rubik’s Cube.
Its about a phone which took photographs on a real Rubik’s Cube, so, the phone thanks to a software, it could help a person to resolve Rubik’s Cube.

Puzzles like the Rubik’s Cube can be simulated by computer software.
In my opinion, computer science is an marvelous science, which is constantly amazed us.
In fact, is not only computer science, it also thanks to mathematics.
Its funny, because resolution of Rubik’s Cube is possible thanks to group theory in mathematics.
In second year, we learnt this theory, and we thought that was unnecessar.
It is proud maths are very important also in computer science. 🙂

Guess what? Group theory is also used in cryptology.
In fact a cryptological algoritm which called « RSA » is based on group theory.
This summer i used this algorithm to code a security software.

To see this movie :

Cube Cheater

Voici une nouvelle application de l'Iphone qui va vous permettre de finir votre rubik's cube...


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Internet : spam, virus…

I love cryptology.
So i research on more information about this marvelous science and i found this page :
A student who loves cryptology and computer science like me.
He talks about research from his laboratory.
A team wants a new solution to avoid spam.
Today, a software exists, but not efficient enough.

So, i want talk about the dangers of Internet.
Spam is not a danger, but blocking network .
Internet network is dangerous for your lovely computer without anti-virus.
In fact, a virus like Trojan Horse can destroy a computer, so we can lost all information like photos, films, musics : not pirated of course ;-).

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The magic world of cryptology

Hello, my name is cryptogirl.
hihi!! 🙂
and i hate cryptology, lol it is a joke!! 🙂
Cryptology is a science which encodes and decodes cyphers.
A cypher is an encoded message.
For exemple (english becomes hnsilge).
The first letter is exchanged with the last letter…
This science is very funny and interesting…
More, we use that all days when we pay with cb card, when we go on secured sites…
A newspaper exists about this science is Cryptologia journal…
If you want more information about this extraordinary science, you have the site web : which explains and makes an introduction about cryptology.

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